We want to not only create a safe space for you to awaken to a new level of awareness and understanding of yourself and your place in the universe, but we want to help you achieve greater clarity of  the path you must take to unleash your full potential as a human being. This retreat involves the desire for personal fulfillment, going beyond the ego, with which we have been programmed. We believe we are all interconnected: if one heals, it helps heal the other. This retreat welcomes all beliefs that are based on love towards oneself, towards other living beings and nature. 

main activities

2 Ayahuasca Ceremonies

During the retreat there will be two ceremonies of Ayahuasca, always with the guidance of our trusted Shaman & psychologist, Javier Zavala. Given our respect for the origin and ancestral use of master plants , such as Ayahuasca, we understand that it works as a link to help us leave negative mental programming and emotions such as guilt and fear. And to open new doors to our subconscious, to unite with the timeless spirit of nature and, thus, establish a new coherence within ourselves, between the heart and our mind.

Therefore, the use that is given to Ayahuasca within the retreat responds to knowledge that has been used for centuries (if not millennia), and transmitted by Shamans and cultures that knew the power of transcendence of the Master Plants for personal transformation. Ayahuasca is a bridge for the healing and evolution of each person.



main activities

Diet with Master Plants

At the beginning of the retreat, a purge with Tobacco will be carried out to cleanse the body of toxins. Then, a two days diet will be carried out with the mixture of other Master Plants for the energetic alignment of the body, creating bridges of coherence between the heart and the brain. And accentuating the meditative and introspective state of each person.

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main activities

Breathwork Sessions

Conscious breathing and Expansive Breathing will be facilitated by Mauricio Gil, breath and meditation coach and founder of Amaru Inner Growth Alliance. It is, through breathing, that we connect with life itself, with that energy, vital essence (Prana in the yogic tradition, Qi in the Taoist tradition) that is offered to us and to which we access with each inhalation and exhalation. By consciously breathing in a certain way, our perception and how we experience life can change (just like when we feel a certain way, we breathe according to that emotion). It’s about being the pilot of our emotions, not the passenger.

Thus, breathing is a tool capable of expanding our mind and opening our heart to obtain greater knowledge about ourselves, the time in which we find ourselves and the world around us. It opens the opportunity to perceive the most subtle forms of our body, in addition to the obvious.

Thanks to the power that the breath has on our vital energy, we can consider it as the guardian of our body, the nurse of our mind and the regulator of our emotions. It is with the breath that we set the rhythm of our life, and it is essential in the connection we have with ourselves and the world around us.

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Transformative Coaching

During the retreat, Fiorella will be facilitating the coaching sessions  where we will dive deep into the core principles of Mind, Body & Spirit wellness, as well as the process of Self Purification & Self Transformation throughout your deep inner journey experience. We will also introduce the practice of embodiment as a tool to develop awareness, self-regulation, and self knowledge so you can begin to train your mind to be present, open, & connected (aka Nervous System Training). Furthermore, after your Ayahuasca experience, we will come together as a group to give you the opportunity to share your experience*. And at the end we will provide you with the best practices for you to have a successful Ayahuasca integration. 

*If you would prefer to share your experience in private, you will have the option to schedule a one to one session with Fiorella.

main activities

Healing Sounds Circle

As part of the retreat, Ruy Hinostroza will facilitate the healing sounds circle. In the Sounds Circle, different instruments from different cultures will be used (such as quena, Tibetan bowls, didyeridoo, guitar, among others). Each instrument vibrates at a different frequency and connects with the different energy centers of the body. Supported by cymatics (the way that vibration acts on matter), the Sounds Circle allows you to enter a state of deep relaxation (alpha state), having a greater mental and emotional openness and a deep experience in a meditative state.

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Nature doesn’t hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

- lao tzu

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