MY GOAL is very simple.
I am here to help you FREE YOURSELF  from anything that STEALS YOUR JOY.

I believe that that you can have it all. A successful career, beautiful relationships, incredible health, inner & financial freedom, overall great wealth. The belief that is impossible to have it all needs to be thrown out the window like yesssterday. And by the way, do you know where the belief came from? Yep! me neither. But what I know is that I am not letting this belief dictate my fate. And you shouldn't either because we are all born with a unique purpose that is waiting to be found by you.

Let me be honest with you, I spent my whole life trying to fit in, to belong.. striving to be perfect and still was not enough. I constantly compare myself to other people and never felt I measured up, both professionally and personally. I self-sabotage my love relationships because deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy of love.  Every time a guy would ghost me, I would tell myself, “of course who would want to see someone like me again”“I am not pretty enough”, “I am not smart enough”, I based my worth on someone else’s opinion of me. 

Redefine Wealth


To help people create a rich synergy between the material & spiritual world


1. Authenticity
2. Honesty
3 Vulnerability

Over the years, I learned that there is an indisputable first law of personal growth that states that PEOPLE WILL NEVER RISE ABOVE THE OPINION OF THEMSELVES. The challenge is that this opinion is largely formed in our childhood years, from the perception of what we think we did or didn't get loved from the people we most wanted it from. It also mirrors the first law of relationships, no one can ever love us more than we love ourselves.  


To serve as a catalyst of human consciousness evolution

You see humans come onto this planet with two powerful emotional needs: to find connection, and to avoid rejection. And unfortunately both of my parents were not able to fulfill those emotional needs. So no matter how much I pushed myself to be the best, to be validated, to belong, I would always feel this sense of emptiness & disconnection from the world and myself.  It was not until I experienced the loss of my sister and a traumatic breakup that I realized I was living my life in pilot mode, with no sense of purpose or meaning. Suddenly, everything that I once thought would "make me happy", the great job, professional recognition, traveling, the busy social life, it no longer did. I felt that the Universe yelled loud and clear…

Looking back to my childhood years, I realized that I never really learned how to love myself, or that I was worthy of it.  


I realized that I had to choose to stop feeling like a victim of my circumstances and take responsibility for my own wellbeing.

I realized I had no idea what self love was but I had to learn it quickly.
I realized I was living society's idea of life not mine.
I realized I was the only person who could make the shifts.
I realized that the decision to live my best life lay with me.
I realized I had to stop looking outside of myself to find happiness and start to connect with my inner self, my truth, my soul, my spirit, the bigger me.


I realized that there was no job, partner, or personal gain that could provide me what I was looking for, true authentic inner happiness.

I read every personal development and spiritual book I could get my hands on. I attended every workshop and seminar I could, and I became obsessed with sharing everything I was remembering. And throughout this process, I received the guidance of my life coach, through coaching sessions and personal retreats. I could not even imagined what my life could look like now If I would have never made this decision. The truth is that you are closer than you think from changing your life forever. 

Consequently, I myself trained as a coach with the pioneers of the coaching world and emerged in the field of human optimization and biohacking , somatic studies, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology. And became a certified hypnotherapist & rapid transformational therapist to compliment my coaching methodology. I not only wanted to help my clients create the life of their dreams, but to support them in their journey of peeling away layers of out-dated beliefs and negative behavior patterns, reframing core beliefs, values, habits, and emotions deep in the subconscious mind through Rapid Transformation Therapy.

I made the decision to take back control of my life and begin my own deep inner journey.

My intention is to guide you through profound transformation & deep healing to help you restore balance, gain clarity and propel you toward success in every aspect of your life


LIFE LAWS I live by

practice meditation/yoga  kundalini daily
exercise 5/6 day a week 
put my phone on “AIRPLANE MODE” from 10:30pm to 8:30am
daily reflection in the morning & night
nourish my body with healthy food & the right vitamins
remind myself of my "why"

Ready to free yourself from what no longer serves you?

Imagine having someone who can see you for who you truly are, and not for who you were. Making the decision to start your own inner journey is not easy, but it's the only way to inner freedom. It will challenge you, put you out of your comfort zone, but it will transform you into the the man or woman you were born to be. 

let's work together